Love Life, an Art Journal Page

So I’ve never tried to write a post from the iPhone, here I am now having a go of it…

Why is it that just when you think life should be settling down a bit, another curve ball comes at you? Around the St John abode, we’ve had a major computer crash. I forget what life was like before total reliance on computers…I’m getting a taste of it once again.

It’s funny, I didn’t get so connected to the computer until just a few years ago, when we opened our first business. That will do it! Now I can hardly think straight without the computer humming along in front of me!

I’ve been spending some time prepping for a “Christmas in July” blog post series. I’ll be putting up some fun Christmas projects for you to think about as Christmas decor or gifts. So more on that as we get past July 4th…

I’ve been also playing in my art journal, it seems I’m getting a bit in the spirit of adding thoughts to my journal pages.

We have so much joy to be thankful for and it’s showing up in my art journals more and more.

Hopefully the pics work 🙂

I’ll keep you posted, I hope everyone is having as much fun this summer as we are!!




3 thoughts on “Love Life, an Art Journal Page

  1. Hi Dana – technology is wonderful until it doesn’t work, lol. How did you like posting from your phone? I take all my photos, upload them from my phone (used to have iPhone, now I have an Android) into a post and edit on my laptop. It’s so convenient – don’t have to hook up my camera, lol. Life stays exciting and keeps us on our toes, doesn’t it? How boring would it be if nothing changed?

    Hugs, Lorrie

    • Haha, Lorrie! I think boring would be okay, at least sometimes!
      Posting from the iPhone was fairly simple, I’m just used to the big screen and keyboard 🙂
      I hope your summer is faring well!

  2. Agh! I would be lost without my computer, neither me nor my hubby have smart phones, I would be internet-less! I can do without tv but i need my internet 0_o I hope things get worked out for you soon!

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