Blog Break Over, Some New Art Journaling, and a Time of Reflection

Wow!  I didn’t realize it had been sooooo long since I last posted and played in cyberspace!  We have had such a busy last few weeks, it seems like it was just the other day when I last played on our blog!

Typically, summer time is a bit slower for our little fam.  This summer has been unusual in that we have been busy and active and involved in so many projects.  We had a giant 4th of July bbq, with lots of friends and family visiting us in the new house.  The kids and I spent the week before preparing decorations and making banners.  We love making decorations for all of our fun dinner events, and we save them and add to them year after year.  We’re getting quite the collection!  Last year we made huge stars to hang on the walls, and those added with the banners made for awesome and festive decorations!







Then the kids had Vacation Bible School, and Christopher and I got way more involved than we knew we were getting 🙂  We ran the snack department…we were in charge of getting the snacks organized and out to the all of the kidlets each day.  By the time we got home each afternoon, we were totally and happily exhausted.  I had no idea when we got started how much the snack department is in the middle of all of the hubaloo.  But we all had a wonderful time, and totally enjoyed the time together.

Which takes us on this little journey of catching you up to my birthday.  It seems each year less important that I’m having another birthday…I like to think I’m having my 29th Birth Anniversary each year, lol.  My kids, however, are big enough now to think birthdays are quite thrilling, even if you’ve outgrown the whole bouncy-house and Barbie thing.  My older daughter found my stash of Washi tape, and then they spent the whole day Monday making me lovely little cards and presents.  And using up several rolls of tape haha.

So I spent the afternoon of my birthday arting and playing in my art journal.  I put together a colorful page using the color scheme of the cards the kidlets made for me.  And lots more Washi tape, putting the cards into the book, getting all to sort of go together.  The kids think it’s awesome that they made me lots of Art Fodder™!!















My little one Bella put the card together, with her big sister’s help on the taping.  She brought me the blank card and asked me to hold her hand and help her draw a butterfly.  She added the stars on the opposite page.



I got so many little cards wishing me a great day and regaling me with words of love and how great of a mom I am…I spent the better part of my day being a bit misty-eyed and grinning and hugging and kissing my babies…I couldn’t have planned a better birthday myself!  And that was all topped off with grilled-out dinner and YUMMY chocolate cake that Ryland and I made together (he still needs a bit of help, even though he picked out the cake and was “in charge” of the cake).

I did also spend some time reflecting on this past year and what I’m looking to accomplish in the coming year.  I say this every year, but this has been the greatest year yet!  And I’m looking forward to this round of my 29th year being the best yet once again!!

Thanks to everyone for being patient while I worked out the blog ideas for the second half of 2012.  I have been at it long enough to find out what is working and what’s not working so much.  We’re going to try some new things and bring you lots of new art fun and ideas. Stay tuned!  I hope your summer is going swimmingly as well!!



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