A Thrift Store Find Make-Over, or How to Liven Up a Naked Book Rack

We have a couple of favorite thrift stores in our neck of the woods…in fact, one in particular is fast becoming a destination spot for the children!  We are teaching them early the love of finding old stuff and loving it again.

On one of our visits this summer, I found a naked old-style wood magazine rack for just 4 bucks!  This little zine rack was just begging to be a canvas!

I was originally pondering using something kiddo-related so that I could put in the kids’ room to hold some of the books.  It didn’t turn out so child-like, but the kids still love it and all of them helped a bit on getting it ready.

First, we did lay down white gesso, since the wood was naked and absorptive.  Then we got to work and painted the whole thing with a bright peach color…which was actually a bit too peach-y, so we added a white-wash using a watered down off-white paint.

Next came the sea glass.  We used clear silicone caulk to attach the pieces of sea glass to the wood.  Another fabulous use for caulk!  It is just flexible enough to put on the bigger, awkward, three-dimensional pieces of glass.  Fair warning, though, it did take several days to really dry and set well.

After  the caulk was good and dry, I added the stenciled flower patterns on both ends of the rack and on the inside bottom of the rack.

Then Christopher got in and sprayed the whole thing for me with a couple of thick layers of clear polyurethane.  Good idea, as that will help keep the little hand prints from soaking in to the paints.

And voila!  A super cute, beach-inspired book rack for the kidlets’ books!

I did also pick up a cute wood wall shelf off of the FREE section of craigslist, and we will be working it up to go along with the book rack.

Hopefully I’ll have finished up the other project for the kids’ stuff that has taken up now a couple of weeks of my creative time…I’ll bring that to the blog if I ever get it finished!

Prompt: Grab something to look at in a new way…an old piece of furniture, an old box, an old picture frame, and give it NEW life!  Paint it up, take it apart and put it back together, cover it with paper.  It freshens up your spirit and your space 🙂



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