Dream a Little Dream, an Art Journal Page in My Little Red Book

Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine.

~ Elvis Presley

What a loverly morning…Christopher and I spent some time together (sans kidlets!) at the church with our Pastor, talking about ways to work towards some funding to help build and expand the church’s facilities.  How happy, some of those business-y details filed away in the brain for years has some practical use outside of our business life 🙂

We were able to leave the kidlets home with big brother, so hubby and I got just a little bit of time together, while not exactly what you’d think of as a date, it was wonderful and stress-free.  And on the way home we stopped by the local thrift store and I got some plastic boxes and baskets to help organize some of the art supply clutter we have everywhere.  And a couple of board books to alter, yay!!

I got back to playing in my Little Red Book of Selling Art, an altered book I’ve been using this year (you can see where I got started here).  It’s been a really fun book for me, it’s a bit smaller than other journals I’ve used, and the size and shape and weight of it all feel really good in my hands.  If you haven’t turned an old book into an art journal yet, you should totally have a go…it’s fun and a little bit addictive!!  You can find some ideas on turning an old book into an art journal in this earlier post.

So this little red book is one of my faves, only I don’t work in it so regularly as my other larger, experimental journal.  This one is sort of my “practice sketching” journal.  More of these pages are dedicated to actual drawings of something.  I guess that’s why I don’t work in it quite as much, I still shy away from sketching sometimes…feels a bit more like work or something.

I did have fun on this one, though.  I love the colors and the ideas and I’ve been just gawking at it since I finished it.  It’s like I’m surprised that it actually looks like the vision I had in my head when I started (I did NOT envision the text from my stamps running off of the side though, lol)!  It all starts with the dreams, huh, with the vision, with the thought and the love and the inspirations.  Never forget to dream, and never squelch anyone else’s dreams…my little ones remind me of that daily as well.

The inspiration for this little spread also leads us to a prompt for today:

Prompt: Find an advertisement and use it to inspire a journal page.  Maybe it’s the colors that you like, maybe it’s the text, and maybe it’s the actual image in the ad.  Old magazines are such a great place to find Art Fodder™, and that’s where the inspiration for this little page found me…right in the back of a magazine, in the advertisement section 🙂

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