Inspiration Garden, Prompt and Journal Page

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.

~ Hanna Rion

Do you have a stash of old magazines?  I have collected quite the stash myself.  I have an old friend that had to move around a bit for a couple of years, and he had his subscriptions of sailing magazines mailed to my house.  I kept them lovingly in a cabinet for him, awaiting the time for him to grab the stack.  Once he got settled and changed his mailing addy on them, he told me I could just keep the old stack.  That has turned out to be one of the best sources of inspiration…

I also grabbed a couple of boxes of old magazines from a gal on craigslist.  She gave them away for free, posting that maybe someone could use them for art projects.  One box of about 40 mags is mostly old Harper Bazaar magazines, and one box is about 40 old techie magazines (which my kids have claimed as their own!).

I love old magazines, they have so much fodder for inspiration!  Letters, beautiful pictures, advertisements, and lovely pictures to be used as textures.  I use whole pages to make artist’s papers.  I use the subscription cards from the middle to gesso and make art cards and inserts for my journals.  Old magazines are an endless supply of interesting and wonderful art supplies.

While I do keep many of the magazines in tact, for those times when I need to find specific letters or pictures, I do love to use some to clip out a bunch of fodder to have at the ready.

I sat down with just one magazine and spent an hour or so clipping out everything of interest.  I wanted to build a post on a prompt…and I needed to have a pile of clippings to snap some photos.  And I don’t put up prompts that I haven’t used myself.

So I sat down with a local magazine, all about eating in the Reno/Tahoe area (a magazine right up my alley!).  The paper was a heavy, matte-finished style paper, just begging me to make something with it.  I spent the hour ooh-ing and ahh-ing as I flipped through the pages, clipping out all kinds of stuff.  It had a huge assortment of ads, which I love using in backgrounds.  I found lots of little drawings and photos and letters and phrases and texture blocks.  I cut out a huge pile of stuff, and I got the snapshot I was looking for to post here.

But before I could even get myself to the computer to start working on the post itself, I just HAD to sit down and start playing in the art journal!  In the aim of inspiring you, I got inspired and couldn’t wait to get arting!!

Which is what any good prompt should do, it just tickled me that it worked its magic on me before I could think about sharing with you 🙂


Here’s a snapshot of the pile of fodder from my ONE magazine.

And here’s the journal page that came next:


And here’s your prompt: Find an old magazine, flip through it pages, snipping out anything that might even remotely be of use in some way, some how.  Don’t over think it.  At all.  Just clip stuff, don’t worry about whether or not you have a specific need for it right now.  Build your own inspiration garden. 

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