Have You Ever Drawn a Giggle?

Laughter is the sound of the soul dancing.

~ Jarod Kintz

I have a huge list of ideas and prompts at the ready.  I think of random things, sometimes while driving, sometimes while listening to sermons in church, sometimes while watching the kidlets play their interactive imagination games.  I just throw the random things on to the list, and that’s where I draw from later (pun totally intended, lol) when I need some fodder.

The most seemingly random things occur to me at the oddest times, so I just jot them down, add them to the list…my list seems to grow faster than I will ever get to them all.  I guess that’s a good thing, I shouldn’t ever run out of inspiration for my arting.

Still, I sometimes get a blank page in front of me with no thoughts in my head of what to do next, lol.

My blank pages are where I experiment, where I work on ideas before ever taking them to canvas.  My journal pages collect my thoughts, along with the color ideas or the sketch ideas and so forth.  It’s easier for me to do the practice runs in my art journaling, before I ever get the idea to a canvas.  For me, I feel less pressured when I’m not working yet on the actual canvas, the canvas likes to fight with me and turn me bashful, not wanting me to “ruin” the canvas.

So I have free fun in my journals.  I can leave the pressure on the floor, telling the internal critic to take that proverbial hike.

I went to my list a few days ago and stared at a prompt that I have wanted to play with, but just haven’t known exactly how to get started.

Prompt: Draw a giggle. 

Seriously, draw a giggle: that one came from the hubby.  He loves helping me with little bits of arty goodness, always offering prompts and ideas to add to the list.  I think he thinks it’s funny to try and stump me.


My interpretation isn’t exactly a drawing, but it does come from the feeling that bubbles up inside when I get the giggles.  It seems to start slowly, from somewhere deep inside (the heart and the funny bone), and then it bubbles up, gathering momentum, gathering more bubbly goodness.  When I really get a bout of the giggles, it takes on size, and a melody of colors, and it takes over…and then my eyes water and my cheeks ache and anything is funny after that.




What can get me into a giggling fit??  The most common catalyst is Christopher telling me something silly, usually when I’m about to take a swig of my drink (most often Dr. Pepper, I think he finds that funny also, haha)…or one of the children doing something sweet and funny…or sometimes all of the children together doing something funny.  Those people of mine, though…that’s the most serious source of giggles for me.



What gives you the giggles?  And guys, you giggle, too.  Or at least, you definitely get the contagious chuckles.  My 13-year-old refused to believe that he can get the giggles nowadays 🙂

So have a go at it.  Put down your interpretation of a giggle.  Or of lots of giggles.  Ponder how you feel when you get the giggles…and ponder what sets you off, what gets you-a-giggling in the first place.

Then leave me a comment, I would love to hear…what gives you the giggles??

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