They Own This!

A true master does one of two things:

1. Creates that which cannot be improved, or

2. Improves that which can be.

~ Christopher St John

In the St John household, music is a huge part of everything we do.  We listen to music when we’re arting, when we’re cooking, when we’re having our dinner parties, when we’re studying.  We listen to music, we sing, we dance, we study music.

We usually choose our music specifically, depending on what’s going on at the moment. A great for instance is for our family dinner parties…when we’re having taco or fajita nite, we listen to Tito Puentex or Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.  When we’re having Italian nite, we listen to old world Italian music, and so forth.

(Another category is our love song list, not your typical mushy, ballad-type love songs.  You can check out that list here, from our Valentine’s posting).

We all have ways of categorizing our music, by the mood we want to set when we art, or when we need some quiet, meditative time, or when we’re getting ready for bed.  We have CDs, Pandora stations, iPod lists, mix tapes (haha, remember mix tapes?!)…

So I bring to you the list of one of our own outstanding categories (in no particular order), that we call “They Own This S***”.

  • Proud Mary, Tina Turner
  • Gin & Juice, Dynamite Hack
  • Killer Queen, Wave Mechanics Union
  • Tainted Love, Marilyn Manson
  • Hong Kong Phooey, Sublime
  • Black Hole Sun, Johnny Cash
  • Word Up, Korn
  • Paxilback, Grey Kid (not a plain ole cover, more of a cover-spoof)
  • Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone, Bob Marley
  • Wonderwall, Paul Anka
  • Viva Las Vegas, Dead Kennedys
  • Head Like a Hole, Devo
  • Ring of Fire, Wall of VooDoo
  • Can’t Get No Satisfaction, Devo
  • Personal Jesus, Marilyn Manson
  • Walk This Way, Run DMC
  • Closer, Richard Cheese
  • American Woman, Lenny Kravitz
  • Cornflake Girl, Tori Amos
  • Cry Me a River, Julie London
  • Zorba the Greek, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass
  • Warm Leatherette, Zombie Zombie
  • Lucifer Sam, Love n Rockets
  • Gone Daddy Gone, Gnarls Barkley
  • I Will Survive, Cake
  • In Your Room, Portishead
  • Video Killed the Radio Star, Presidents of the United States of America
  • Common People, William Shatner

This is by no means all the great covers ever made, I’m sure.  But it is a pretty extensive list of the covers that we love.  And these guys totally own these songs!!

Prompt: Check ’em out, let me know what you like, and drop me a note via the comments section to let me know any that YOU LOVE…I love collecting the most awesome-est covers!!!

Have an awesome weekend, more coming tomorrow (I know I’ve been a bit behind, with school starting again!)!!


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