Angels in the Mix, Art Journal Page and Prompt

Play is the exultation of the possible.

~ Martin Buber

I can’t believe I let two weeks slip by since my last post!  We have been schooling with the kidlets, running the business, arting muchly, and learning to be the parents of a crew of school-age children.

I hadn’t guessed that we would feel so much busier now that all of the kids are not little babies anymore, lol.  Not sure why I didn’t know that, my mom always told me that our home growing up was Grand Central Station.  I think we’ll be calling our house the Y.

This neighborhood is the first we’ve lived in that is teeming with kids of all ages, and even the parents are all out playing with the kids and socializing a bit with each other.  While we have always been extremely private, stay-at-home kind of people, this neighborhood (and the kids) are really good at calling us out the front door!  Many recent evenings have been spent standing around outside, watching the kids ride bikes, talking to other parents. We’ve been to the neighborhood skate park to ride our bikes and scooters and play in the park.  I actually know the names of many of our neighbors now!

And the kids…oh, my.  I find myself making sure we have plenty of snacks and kool-aid and clean cups.  I never know who’s going to show up after school!

I gotta tell ya, it’s wonderful…I love that the kids like coming to our home, I like that they catch me arting and all want to sit down and have me show them what I’m working on.  I like it that the kids all take good care of each other, they all know how to be around other kids of different ages.  I like it that I can let my kids go play at their houses and their moms will call and tell me when they’re all headed back over to our house.

My art seems to be reflecting all of this joy and fun.  I look back on a number of things I’ve created in the past couple of weeks, and the color schemes are bright and cheery, and it’s all about love (not that LOVE hasn’t been a regular topic of arting for me!).  It’s sweet and nostalgic and gives me the giggles regularly…

We have also been doing a lot of recording.  Christopher and I are working up some how-to videos to bring to the blog on some really cool techniques and fun stuff for you to try.  We are slowly working through some editing now, hopefully in the next couple of weeks we’ll start posting those.  He has a lot of interesting techniques that you don’t find all over the internet.

All of this babbling, and now finally a bit of art journaling…a couple of fun things to note on this page: I used an old credit card to scrape the paint on the background of this page (some other cool card scraping here).  I actually put drops of two colors of paint all over and then went back and scraped.  That led to some cool patterns in the paint.  Also, the angel is paper piecing, and her wings are made of a light purple vellum, and I didn’t glue those down, aside from the inside edge to get them stuck under her dress.  It may not show up too well in the pics here, but the wings do not lie down flat when you have the page open.  Adds some interesting dimension to the page.









So, there it is…have a phenomenal weekend, play much, art much, and don’t forget to laugh and tell someone how much you love them.

Prompt for the weekend: Think about what colors exemplify your mood.  Really explore it.  Pink and orange do not make my favorite color scheme, but they really did reflect my mood.  What colors show your mood?  Write a note about it, paint a background with those colors, think about colors other than your go-to colors that might put your mood into the visual plane.  



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