Sketching My Breakfast, in My Little Red Journal

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Can you believe we’re working our way to Thanksgiving??

The time is passing by so quickly, sometimes I wish that I could apply the brakes and slow it all down, just a bit.  I look so forward to the holiday season throughout the year…I love this time of year!  I love all the baking, the wind, the promise of snow, and Christmas music.  I love planning yummy dinners of potato soup and stew and spaghetti with the kidlets.  I love the smell of Christopher baking fresh bread of all kinds.  I love making new cookie recipes.

I have also started part 2 of a class I took in the spring, The Art of Wild Abandonment (I did blog about it during the first round of the class, you can find other posts in under “workshops” and “classes”).  This one is called Wild Art 2, Bless This Mess.  You can take a look at the class over at Christy Tomlison’s.  The guest teacher is the charming and inspiring Junelle Hallstrom Jacobsen.  Ahhhhh, I have been so excited about this class, I thought it would never get here!!

The one area in my arting where I seem to flounder is in the courage to sketch more.  I have been working on getting over my reticence, but it is so helpful for me to be participating in a class where we sketch a lot, while working up journal pages.  And I love being able to participate in the group setting on facebook, seeing all of the wonderful interpretations and sketching by the other class members!

I have been only slowly getting into the videos, as I am behind on everything it seems these days.  It’s already working, though…my pencil is moving, I am sketching and remembering that I actually can draw something that is recognizable, lol!

So here we go, my first project from the class, sketching my breakfast (which is tough for me, as so often my breakfast ends up being coffee as I herd the kidlets into classes!).  I put this one into my little red book of art journaling, which I started during the spring’s class.

I have started other projects, and I have a couple of newer canvases I’ll be bringing in to share with you soon.  I also get to play with some new paints and fill out a questionnaire on what I think of them…so fun, I got free paint samples in the mail, and someone really wants to know what I think of them 🙂

Lots going on…all tied in with trying to get to my Christmas projects and cards, baking cookies, playing with the kids, and teaching Sunday school (did I tell you that I took on a Sunday school class?)…


2 thoughts on “Sketching My Breakfast, in My Little Red Journal

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