Ta-Da! Word of the Year and Looking Forward

I asked my hubby what he thinks of the whole word-of-the-year idea.  Asked him if he thinks it’s corny.  He says, It’s what we do, right?

Does he mean, the action of picking words-of-the-year, or does he mean the action of being corny??  So I chuckled, my I-have-a-private-joke-laugh, only it’s not so private, cuz he knows what I find funny.  Plural existence is sooooooo not lonely!

Word of the year.  Do you pick a word of the year?  Or do you stay with the whole resolutions bit?  Do you consider ahead of time what kind of theme you want running throughout your year?

Many years past, I have not so much thought about a theme for the year.  I have spent many New Years’ thinking about what kinds of things I wanted to accomplish that year, where I missed during the past year, and so forth.

I’m finding that considering the theme for my coming year, well, it feels WAY more positive.  What a brilliant way to look forward to 2013!  So after much deliberating, and much coffee talk with Christopher, I have the theme of the focus for MY year…the theme for St John Family Studios…drum roll, please…

Birdie spark Right

spark [spahrk]  noun  1. anything that activates or stimulates; inspiration or catalyst. 2. a trace of life or vitality.

verb  to kindle, animate, or stimulate (interest, activity, spirit, etc.).

I love it that our theme is a noun and a verb.  I love it that I think of glitter when I look at the word (cuz, ya know, everything is better with glitter).  I love it that the form of the adjective is sparkly, yay.

I love it that I can be inspired by a spark, and that I can be a spark of inspiration for someone else, by sharing our art and our conversations and our lives with each other.  I love it that some thing, any thing, can be the spark that stimulates my next project.  I love it that I can do the action of spark-ing, and stimulate interest or inspiration, which is the whole reason I blog and teach the kidlets and work with the youth ministry at Church.  I want to share as much spark as keeps filling my heart, brought to me by God, my husband, my kidlets, my Church family, other artists.  Spark finds me and grabs me and begs me to spread it around.

And I love it that spark is what I have in my heart and spirit.  I have the spark of God, the spark of love, the spark of inspiration, all of it.

It is the perfect word for my whole focus…focus on God, focus on my husband and children, and the focus on my art world.

May 2013 be the year of much spark for all of us.


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