Something Wicked This Way Comes, Movie Lines as Prompts?

Something Wicked This Way Comes…an old favorite.  I think of that whenever the winds of change seem to be a’ blowin’…

Do you have favorite little tidbits and quoties and movie lines and personal jokes?  Things that it seems you’re the only one to catch them and appreciate them??

I have a plethora of them…and yes, I do know what it is a plethora (again, an inside joke?  or a movie line that maybe not everyone knows??)…

el guapo

Sometimes it seems like my whole day is a long string of movies one-liners and funny little jokes, things that sometimes have me feeling like I walk to such a different beat, that I don’t really fit in to the rest of the world’s cadence.

But, shoot, I sure do have a good time, lol!!

As I mull these things around in my brain, they all become potential art prompts.  Prompts that spur my art journaling or paintings or mixed media works.  Prompts that lead to journaling and blog posts and funny little conversations with Christopher (thankfully, he totally is on the same wavelength, and very rarely does he not catch one of my funnies, or I his).  Prompts become Art Fodder™, and the fodder gets added to the running list of ideas, and that list grows and grows, awaiting some fantastic arty goodness.

How do you keep up with ideas?  Do you sketch them, jot them down, record them into your phone, stick posty notes everywhere with thoughts on them??

Here we’re fixin’ to start some new things on the blog (that’s Texican, by the way, for preparing).  I’ve been threatening videos for the last few months, which has actually been a bit more technical than I once thought.  I kinda thought you just hit record, do some art, and TA-DA!  A cool technique video!  Not so, it seems.  So…as we get the computer nerd part of editing the videos all figured out, the videos will be forthcoming.

But for now, a little art journal love and prompt to share with you!  As I’ve mentioned before, I HATE to waste bits of paint…so I tend to grab another journal or book pages or folders and slap the paint down and use those things later for arting.  This is one of those, little bit of paint left-over (from an earlier prompt), I did sort of the ink blot thing, and left it.  Came back later and had a cool background to doodle on my hands.  And I love having the picture of my hands in one of my sketching/idea journals.

Hand Prints 1

Prompt: Trace your hands and doodle the insides.  Fill them up with the kinds of doodles you use to doodle on your book covers.  Or fill them up with your handwriting, a love note to yourself, or your favorite Bible verse.  As artists, our hands are one of our most favorite body parts, right?  So memorialize them, draw them, show them the respect!!


4 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes, Movie Lines as Prompts?

  1. Love what you said about artists and hands; that makes so much sense because I seem to be obsessed with either tracing my hands or drawing them in my journal. Have an old journal that I traced my hand and did zentangles inside and just in the last few days traced both my hands on opposite pages, painted and cut around the outlines so they have become mini pages between two other pages. Let me add song titles to your list also, Often when I’m creating something a song or line from poetry might run through my head and show up somewhere in my creating. Isn’t that fun!

  2. Ooo can’t wait for the videos, those will be awesome I’m sure! And the art journal page is great, I love the idea of putting a part of yourself in your art journal, and “filling yourself in” 🙂 My hubby and I are always quoting movies or tv shows with the one liners we find funny. I have noticed that other people (we shall call them “normies”) don’t usually get what we are saying or laugh at our humor, but we have a great time! So you are not alone!

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