Time to Make Some Valentine Cards!

Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.

~ John Keats

What’s a Happy I Love You Day without cards??

I do love to make my own Valentine cards.  I love to play with glitter and hearts and doilies. It’s all girl-like and sweet and lovey-dovey expressive.

It’s early enough in this whole holiday of love to still get your own cards made for your loved ones…your spouse or your secret crush or your bff or your kidlets.  So I’ll share with you where some of my own Valentine card makings have taken me this year (to see what I was doing last year check out this post).

This year, instead of using stationary-type cards for my Valentines, I used paint chips, oh, how I love the paint sample cards!  I know that some of my friends across the sea don’t have available the same cards I have around here, but for those of you here state-side, my personal favorite are the Behr brand paint sample cards.  The size is super-yummy, the edges are already rounded, and the card stock they use is perfect for all of my mixed media abuse.

If you pay attention (sometimes I totally forget to pay any attention, I get so totally distracted the whole time I’m in Home Depot, lol) you can get sample cards with the most awesome paint color names…they actually have some in the pink color family with names like “Pink Bliss” and “Sugar Sweet” and “Be Mine” and “Scented Valentine” and “Dreamy Cloud”.  How do those color names work for Valentine’s??

And you can go with using either side, or both sides, of the cards.  If you use the side with the colors, you can be careful and not cover up the color names so that they peek through in your card.  I tend to use the other side, with the printing, and gesso over it before I do much else.  But I have used both sides on various projects, and both work out great…

I won’t bore you with my play-by-play on what paint or what stamping inks I used, I’ll just share some pics with you and let you go from there.  If you do have any specific questions on anything you see, feel free to leave a comment with your question or drop me a note and I’m happy to fill in the blanks.

I will tell you this: it’s totally addictive, haha!  Christopher wouldn’t let me post the pics of all the Valentine’s I made, he says I didn’t need to put pictures of all my craziness out on the interwebs 🙂  But I had a blast, I had to actually stop myself at some point and get back to other art projects!

And Mom, if you stop by and see the pics, you still have to act surprised when you get your Valentine in the mail!!  (And I love you!!)

Valentine A Valentine B Valentine C Valentine D

Your Valentine Prompt: Get out there and grab some paint chips and make some Valentine cards!  You still have time!  You can even mail them to your own peeps, even if they live with you, the little ones will love to receive mail 🙂


4 thoughts on “Time to Make Some Valentine Cards!

    • Well, hello there!
      You know, my mommy hasn’t even left any comment love on our blog!!
      You have so totally got a Valentine coming your way, just to show you, Who needs Hallmark when you make your own cards???
      I love you mucho…xoxo

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