Mash Note Art Journal Page, a Valentine Love Note

My hubby and I have a happy, joyful marriage. I attribute that in large part to the fact that we are still courting each other…even after years of marriage.

We are both still trying to be on our best behavior. We still treat each other as if we’re not a sure thing, lol.

I think of Christopher as my boyfriend. I walk around with little heart bubbles popping around outside my head, like in the cartoons!

And I make lots of love notes and lovey journal pages and what we call mash notes. Much of my writings and artworks are all about how I feel about Christopher.

What better time than our Valentine’s celebration to do some more??

This journal page uses some techniques I saw in Creative Jump Start 2013 as well, which was an inspirational blast, by the way.

I have done lots and lots of lists (I am quite the list-maker) of my favorite things about Christopher…my 10 favorite things, my top 100 favorite things, the reasons I think he’s a good Dad or hubby or best friend,etc.

The left-side of the page is the second photo. The right-side of the page, the side with all of the love notes, is somewhat obscured by the stencil I made…so that hopefully some of my dorky musings are not so in-your face! And so you can see what I made to use in the left-hand page πŸ™‚

PROPMT: Make a list of all of the things you love most about your significant other. Make a journal page highlighting the list, or make a love note.



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