Another Mash Note Journal Page, and Playing with Old Jeans

I’ve been digging around in the bags of old clothes and jeans that I save for projects.  Kids outgrow them, a knee gets torn up, a tee shirt gets worn out.  It all ends up in my bags of Art Fodder™, thrown out in the stacks in my garage…

So I found some cute sparkly jeans, and a denim drawstring from some unknown pair of jeans, long ago separated from its counterpart.

denimin hearts right closeupAs I played in my art journal today, thinking about Valentine’s Day and all that my hubby means to me, I ended up writing more than I intended to write before I photographed the pages, lol.  So I’m sharing with you one side of the spread, and just a closeup of the drawstring on the other side of the spread.

The cute tiny marriage certificate from an antique bridal book and the love letters are scanned, re-sized, and printed from my stacks of ephemera.

I needed some play time in my journal today.  And writing another mash note keeps my hubby walking around smiling.

Denim Hearts Journal Page

Prompt:  Focus on what your significant other means to you.  Paint or color your journal page while you’re thinking.  Let the colors and/or words come to you as you’re pondering.  And how could you use some old jeans to make something fun in your art journal??

2 thoughts on “Another Mash Note Journal Page, and Playing with Old Jeans

  1. I use a lot of old clothes for my projects. I usually attach pieces of cloth from vintage stuff to paper with half and half glue and cut them up to collage. I usually stamp the paper and cut up the shape of the stamp.

    • Hi Patsy,

      Thanks for visiting! It’s so nice to find a good use for all of the old clothes 🙂 I’ve only just started playing in my bag of saved clothes for my art journaling, and I love that I’m incorporating something my loved ones were once wearing.

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