It’s All About the Means

Okay, so this is not one of my most “artistic” journal pages…It’s definitely not going to win Super-Art-Journal-Page-of-the-Year-Award.

What it is, though, is a great example of using art and my art journal to use the process to work out junk in my head.  It’s a great example of being way less worried about the finished page than the process itself.  And it’s a great example of a messy, fun, freeing art journal page…I wrote my background text in my home-made fountain pen (see how to make one here) and sumi ink and then painted and stamped and doodled and played with bubble wrap…you know, everything but the kitchen sink went on to this page 🙂  But, oh, the fun I had, it felt great to just play in the art supplies and get myself over the grouch that was holding me when I started!!

Trust in Him 3

And here’s a great technique tip for you, if you shy away from putting your thoughts into words on your journal pages: write down your thoughts, anything that you want to get out and onto the page, and then let that be the background.  Paint over it.  Gesso over it.  Stamp over it.  But get it obscured a bit.

The release comes from writing down the thoughts plaguing your brain, and then working the positive outcome or solution on top of that.  It’s cathartic.

And you don’t have to be concerned with leaving all of your bare thoughts in the open on top of the page.  Or about leaving something less-than-positive out in the open, for you to face every time you flip through your art journal.

Prompt for you: Grab your journal, and scribble out any thoughts that you’ve been battling.  And then work your magic over it!  Have fun and get messy, it’s way better than blowing one of those fake bubbles away into the air!

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