Pencil Box Thrift Store Treasure

I haven’t been in my art journal in a couple of weeks now, kind of weird for me.  It seems I have a number of back-logged projects fighting to get out and onto canvases and stuff.  You know, like old boxes and drawers and found objects and craigslist finds…I really just need more time, lol.

So this little project is not so deep and thoughtful, but it is whimsical and fun!

I found this awesome little metal pencil box at my favorite thrift store (which, on a side note, is closing and I just about fell apart when I found out the other day!!).  It was buried in a bunch of kid stuff in the back of the store, I was digging through the kids’ books when I found it.  So I brought home this puppy for only 10 cents!!  Yes, that’s right, my ten cent project!

And just so you know, I did sand it a bit and gesso the box before I started painting, just wanted to make sure the paint and inks and stuff would stick well.  Be sure to look closely at the black circle-spray markings on the outside of the box: yes, that is a stamp mark from a slice of LIME!

And at the end, I did have Christopher heavily spray the whole thing, inside and out, with clear polyurethane spray.  It seems to be helping with grubby finger prints.  Although, nothing seems to help with the kidlets grabbing the box so they can go through my stash of fave pens and pencils and erasers!

Have a super weekend, a lovely Easter, find something cool to spruce up, and I’ll see you next week!  And keep an eye open, inspiration and fodder can come from anywhere, I just found some pics on craigslist, of some denim re-purpose ideas that I’ve got to give a whirl 🙂  

I will be back, I am working on several new mixed media works that I can’t wait to share and get listed up on the etsy store!

Pencil Case 2

Pencil Case 4

Pencil Case 6Pencil Case 3

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