Keep Visiting, We Are Still Creating

Life is beauty through and through
Life is sunny, life is cool

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros,

Life is Hard

We have been working to redefine and sort out what we want with our blog.

I guess I’m not completely sure where the blog world needs St John Family Studios, but the times that I’ve asked I seem to get few responses.  I’m unsure how y’all all get interaction on your blogs…but I seem to get nowhere in that department.

I do know this: during this past hiatus, our blog continues to have momentum, it continues to have this weird life of its own…it keeps going, people keep searching our art and coming to our page and looking at it over and over again.

I really have NO idea how that happens, but it’s pretty cool.  So something we do here is interesting 🙂

I’ve been completely involved with some new classes, a job outside of the house that I really do dislike a whole bunch, and other regular life stuff.  But my goal this year is to figure out what’s next, where the blog fits in, and how to keep sharing cool art and techniques and inspiration…and to figure out how to get the art and the surrounding stuff get to be the focus and the stupid job less of a focus.

Do you feel that pull?  How do we get to the place where what we love and feel passionate about is what we spend our time doing, and still eating and paying rent??  Any thoughts??

The other big goal this year for me is to learn to not be afraid of drawing and painting the human form, faces, hands, noses, eyes, hands, and all of the super-duper things that float around in my mind’s eye.

So I leave you with a sample of how I’ve spent my recent time arting.  Please keep coming back.  We will figure it out 🙂


Class from LifeBook 2014 with Tamara LaPorte

Class from Life Book 2014 with Tamara LaPorte

2 thoughts on “Keep Visiting, We Are Still Creating

  1. Nice to see you back online. I know how you feel, I was also struggling with not getting a lot of response to my posts. I was off posting for about 6 months–lost my momentum when three of my grand-kids came to stay for a month last summer and then other things just got in the way. I made the decision to start back at the first of the year and I gave myself a goal of posting once a week. I also set a challenge for myself to create 5 quick collages a week which gave me plenty to blog about. The more frequent creating spurred on other little projects and gave me even more to post. I also spent time looking at other blogs I like and commenting. All of that has increased the amount of traffic I’m receiving. However, I do look at my blog as a sort of an online journal for myself–so even if I wasn’t getting feedback I think I would still keep it up for my own enjoyment.
    Love your lovely ladies–looks like that’s lotsa fun! Good luck with your goals. Hope to see more of you here, Marge

  2. Don’t let blogging be an added stress! If you have time to create or blog, but not both, choose creating. Make your art for you, and if you get a chance to post it online, then I’m sure it will inspire someone else because they will see you have put yourself into it 🙂 Also, wonderful job on the faces! I have been practicing drawing faces as well, so much fun! Take care.

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