I Did It Again, 4 Month Hiatus!!

Wow, almost time for the holidays…just the other day I was posting during the summer time, thinking how I was totally going to stay on top of regular posting!!

I have no idea where the time goes, no idea how I go this long without stopping in the blog.

Well, I have some idea.

We have been working like mad, painting and refinishing cabinets and home-schooling the children and doing much re-decorating in our own home.  A lot of it is practicing and trying out new techniques on our own space…but it all amounts to good intentions to sit down and write but just not getting to it.

I have continued arting and journaling and practicing new techniques and thinking about things to bring to the blog.  It just seems that it has been an extremely introspective time in so many ways.  The priority of writing for the blog and sharing my thoughts with the world got stuffed into head as I pondered.  And didn’t write 🙂

I hope your art is going well, I imagine lots of cool new stuff is out and about…new techniques, new fads, new things emerging.  Seems my art life is getting simpler, in that I have gone smaller, more local, more in my books and less out and on the giant canvas.  And most of my regular supplies fit into a large shoe box.  And a bit spilling over onto the surrounding floor space.  And a bit on the dining table.  And in my art bag (but not all over the table and the living room floor!).

So.  Where now?  I’ll work to bring you some pics of cool art, some pdf’s of some word sheets I’ve created, and other goodies.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and hopefully I’ll be back soon with stuff!!


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