About St John Family Studios

We are Christopher and Dana St. John, and we live in fabulous Reno, Nevada with our four brilliant children, our two dogs, and our three parakeets.

We focus our daily energies on building our personal relationships with God, raising our kidlets, and building our creative and business lives around our family.  Our studio itself is created around the family and the art that we create.

We are blessed to live in this beautiful neck of the woods, where everything surrounding us is an inspiration, from the wild bunnies running through the yard, to the Golden Eagles that play in the hills behind our home, to the fluffy snowfalls during the winter, to the twinkling starlight in the summer night skies.

The St. John Family paradigm is a work in progress.  It is the biggest and most important of all of our artistic endeavors.  We hold the vision of ultimately merging our creative lives and our business lives with our spiritual and community lives.  A specific example of one facet of our vision is The Children’s Art Loft, a place for young ‘uns to come and play and experiment in all things creative.

We welcome you to our blog and to our creative community.  Enjoy your visit, and feel free to comment here or on any of our posts.  We welcome questions and thoughts and ideas, and we really do love the comment-y lovies!!


5 thoughts on “About St John Family Studios

  1. You’ve Been Nominated
    Hi. I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award. Not sure of the exact rules, who started it, or where to find the exact rules. I think you are supposed to nominate 15 other blogs when you accept (kind of like chain letter/pyramid type advertising) but I know I won’t be advertising that many). Anyway, it only serves to help promote your blog. For more info, check out the appropriate post at my site on :http://iiteeeestudents.wordpress.com/2012/11/25/very-inspiring-blog-nominations/

  2. Oh, I am drooling over the thought of your children’s art loft. I have had a bit of that same vision and experienced a plaster studio that was like that when I was in junior high.

    • Hi Yolanda,
      Oh, thank you! We are still building the vision and working towards getting it more official than the neighborhood kids at my kitchen table 🙂
      I love being able to share the joy of arting with the kidlets, and they in turn make it all so magical back for us!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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