Art Fodder™

What is Art Fodder™, you ask??

Art Fodder™ is all about those bits of inspiration, those bits of things and stuff we collect for our creative expressions.  Maybe you collect leaves and rocks, or maybe you collect quotes.  Some of us collect pictures and clippings, while others of us collect ticket stubs and old letters.  Still others collect snapshots and greeting cards and old game pieces and record covers (alright, I admit, I collect all of these things and more!).
It’s all about where and how we find our inspiration.  Inspiration can come from anywhere or anything.  Inspiration can be the colors of the sky or the song of a bird.  We can find it in watching kids in the street playing a game, or on the computer on someone’s blog.  I often find inspiration when I’m talking on the phone to business clients, they say a particular word or suggest a book they’ve recently read…which I always take seriously, by the way…if someone thinks to suggest a book to me, maybe it has something in its pages just for me.

We all have expected and unexpected sources of inspiration.  Most of us love to share with each other and pull each other along and inspire each other.  It builds the energy and the source of it all, working together.  Why else would we all be blogging and reading each other’s blogs??

Because we all get stuck now and then, it’s important that we have a way to shove us over that proverbial wall, a way to get ourselves back on track.  I’m sure you’ve all heard the inner critic idea.  We all have one.  The longer we let the inner critic badger us, the higher the chance that the inner critic is gonna win.  Instead of getting caught up in that argument, we need to tell the inner critic to take a hike, and then just get busy.  Do something.  Do anything.  Just do something, get active, and let the activity displace those pesky self-talks that threaten our very creativity.

We’ve all heard ourselves mentioning things like “I’m in a rut” or “I’m fighting a block” or some such negative garbage.  Really, those things become excuses.  I know, it sounds a bit harsh, and I’m not telling you anything that I don’t tell myself.  But that’s really what these things are, excuses.  What it takes to scoot those things out of our minds is ACTION.  Plain and simple action.

When we just get up off of our cabooses and do something, we don’t have the time or the luxury to pay attention to that nasty inner critic.  You just have to move faster than the critic can talk.  Seems easy, right??

Again, I don’t tell you anything that I don’t tell myself.  So I do have to acknowledge that although it sounds easy, it’s not always an easy thing to do, to move faster than the critic can yap at me.

The idea is that we simply don’t give credence to that voice inside of our heads…that voice that wants to tell us that an idea or inspiration isn’t good enough or that we aren’t good enough to make the idea work.

Because it can be really difficult to ignore that voice, and just keep plugging along, coming up with ways of getting ahead of the voice can be a great help.  That’s where activity comes in to play (and playful activity is the best kind of activity!).

It can be tough to choose what to get going on when the critic is having a heyday with us.  If you have a stash of ideas and snippets of inspiration and themes for activities, you can go to that and just pick something.  Don’t think, just put your finger down on the page and start with the prompt that your finger finds.  Then do it.  No thinking, no self-doubt, no considering that it might be dumb or not worth doing.  It’s all worth doing, it’s the action itself that counts.  Just keep moving.

A question for you: Where do you go for inspiration when you’re feeling stuck?  Do you have a stash of idea-generators?  Do you have a list of prompts you plan to get to in the future?  What kind of tools do you use when it’s go-time??

4 thoughts on “Art Fodder™

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  2. I keep books of poetry, motivational snippets, scriptural art all around me…think cocoon…I use these to draw from whenever but especially when I need an idea. Oh…and other people’s blocs work great to inspire me too!!

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