And Now (Almost) Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

We spent this past week moving, it was a bit of a whirlwind!  We did get it all moved, and we did somehow get everything unloaded.  We’re in the process of unpacking, the fun or the not-so-fun part, depending on your perspective…

I as of yet have not found all of my art boxes.  I’m losing my mind a bit…’course, the kids say I didn’t have it to begin with, lol.  My goal this weekend is to get them all together and unpacked and unloaded into my cabinets.  Then maybe I’ll get to art once again!

That leads me to getting back to blogging and joining in the fun here in the interwebs.  I hope all is going swell for the beginning of summer for y’all!  Have a fantastic weekend!


Happy Freakin’ Friday! Now This is Ha-Ha Funny!

Here’s an oldie-but-goodie, I was just waiting for the day when I’d have a blog so I could share this video!  The really funny thing, the first time I saw this video, I did not know what song the parody was modeling, I had never head the Timberlake “version”, heehee.

Happy Freakin’ Friday…We Should All Be as Imaginative as This Kid

Not everyone takes the time to check out my Happy Freakin’ Friday videos, I know it’s sort of my own little joy…but this is well worth the peek.  This guy is innovative and believes in himself and in his dream.  We can all learn something from him…