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Hello! I have been steadily working towards a self-hosted blog, and finally I have managed to merge all content here on my original blog over onto the new blog!

WOO-HOO! I am crowing over the happy culmination of hours of fretting and even a little bit of grouch-ing 🙂

I would love if you would be sure to subscribe over at the new blog if you would still like to receive updates whenever we post something new.

You will also find all of my other connection spots, so you can connect with me on those also.

Thank you so much for all of your patience in recent times!


I Did It Again, 4 Month Hiatus!!

Wow, almost time for the holidays…just the other day I was posting during the summer time, thinking how I was totally going to stay on top of regular posting!!

I have no idea where the time goes, no idea how I go this long without stopping in the blog.

Well, I have some idea.

We have been working like mad, painting and refinishing cabinets and home-schooling the children and doing much re-decorating in our own home.  A lot of it is practicing and trying out new techniques on our own space…but it all amounts to good intentions to sit down and write but just not getting to it.

I have continued arting and journaling and practicing new techniques and thinking about things to bring to the blog.  It just seems that it has been an extremely introspective time in so many ways.  The priority of writing for the blog and sharing my thoughts with the world got stuffed into head as I pondered.  And didn’t write 🙂

I hope your art is going well, I imagine lots of cool new stuff is out and about…new techniques, new fads, new things emerging.  Seems my art life is getting simpler, in that I have gone smaller, more local, more in my books and less out and on the giant canvas.  And most of my regular supplies fit into a large shoe box.  And a bit spilling over onto the surrounding floor space.  And a bit on the dining table.  And in my art bag (but not all over the table and the living room floor!).

So.  Where now?  I’ll work to bring you some pics of cool art, some pdf’s of some word sheets I’ve created, and other goodies.

Have a great Thanksgiving, and hopefully I’ll be back soon with stuff!!


Tooray! Winner of Soul Comfort Class!!

We totally pushed pause on buzzing about our other give-away for the excitement of the Soul Comfort class give-away.  So be sure to check that out as this one’s ending…you can win some awesome ephemera!!  And we’ll be back tomorrow to share a sneak peek at what’s in that awesomitacular collection!!

Hosting this give-away has been terribly rewarding…I have totally loved all of the comments and feedback about what everyone does as comfort to the soul.

Originally, I had all kinds of reasons for wanting to host this.  I loved the thought of being involved in drumming up excitement for a class from Brave Girls’ Club…I guess you could say I’m kind of a fan girl 🙂  I was so excited about being a part of that!

You know what I found, though?  Brave Girls’ Club devised such a beautiful way to share their own successes and excitement.  They offered out the classes for the other bloggers to give away, FOR FREE!!  I know, it seems like it was a great way to get other bloggers to reach out to their own followings and spread the news of the new class, but really.  Brave Girls’ Club has a way bigger following than does St John Studios.  And when I asked to be a part of the whole give-away blog fest, they didn’t say “Oh, no, your blog is way too small.”  They didn’t tell me I don’t have enough of my own subscribers.  They were totally positive and delightful and then pushed my blog out on their own messages to send people to this blog to enter the contest!!

Talk about sharing in the success!  We have had such an amazing boost in traffic and interaction and lovies from people who might not have run into our blog otherwise!

And I get the joy of giving away a spot in their new class!!!

Talk about paying it forward, about spreading joy and love, about helping others, about building up other artists.

I can’t thank them enough.  I can only profess here, publicly, that I so love and appreciate Brave Girls’ Club and Melody and Kathy for their precious gift.  Thank you.

Alright, so on with the WINNER!!!

Random Number 2Autumne Horan Sep 17, 9:04 am

When I hear the words soul comfort I think about being deeply rooted in the ground, I think of being empathic of myself, self care, and being gentle with myself. I have post traumatic stress disorder and spent the summer in trauma treatment centre, soul comfort would help me with the transition from this centre to home, self care, connection to self, and self love.


Tooray! 2

Please drop me an email Autumne to verify your email and other details so that Kathy can get your spot in the class all set up.  Congratulations!!

I do hope that those of you who are new to St John Studios will come back.  You can follow the blog and get wind of new posts and goings-on around here by subscribing over at the left.  You can also find our FB page and follow us there, we’d love to see you!

And don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see the sneak peek of our AWESOME ephemera pack!  It will be fun Art Fodder™ to use in your Soul Comfort class 🙂

Game of Blog Tag, Who’s It Now? Blogs All Worth Visiting

Without this playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth.  The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable.

~ Carl Jung

Time for some fun!  My lovely friend AJ over at AJ’s Art Journal tagged me in a game of blog tag!  Join us for some game-time, and be sure to check out all of these awesome blogs for some inspiration…

The Rules

  • You must post the rules
  • Answer the 11 questions the tagger posted for you
  • Create 11 questions to ask the people you tag
  • Let them know you’ve tagged them

Here are the 11 questions from AJ and our answers:

  1. Which artist (dead or alive) would you most like to have a 1 on 1 with?  Frank Zappa
  2. How do you silence your inner critic?  Outrun with abandon.
  3. If you could only use 3 colors, which would you choose?  Blue, azure, and indigo.
  4. If you could own any piece of art in the world (money no object) what would it be?  The original Dogs Playing Poker
  5. What is your most treasured inanimate possession?  iPhone
  6. Given the choice of fruit or chocolate, which would you pick?  Chocolate, duh.
  7. Where in the world would you most like to visit?  Greek Isles.
  8. Is your art room tidy or messy?  What’s tidy?
  9. What gets you up in the morning?  Panic.  My daughter has really long hair to braid before sending her off to school.
  10. What makes you laugh out loud?  Emo Philips.
  11. If you could time travel which period or event in history would you like to experience? Victorian Era.
Now for our 11 questions to all of You:
  1. What’s your go-to art/creativity supply?
  2. Country or western?
  3. Early bird or night owl?
  4. What’s your favorite or most memorable or most inspiring book?
  5. Name your theme song.
  6. Can you pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time, and then do it in reverse?
  7. What do you see when you look out the window of your art space/studio?
  8. What do you do to stop the hiccups?
  9. Do you still believe in magic?
  10. How do you celebrate love?
  11. Why do you blog?

And here’s our tagees, blogs we really love and visit regularly, some of them every single day!!  I hope you love them as much as we do and find as much inspiration and joy as we do:

  1. Kitty is not Amused
  2. Year of Living Craftily 
  3. Painter’s Progress
  4. Magicinthewoods’s Blog
  5. artsynaturenut
  6. Living True
  7. Joyful Ploys
  8. Artsyville
  9. Tee Thompson Studio
  10. Daisy Yellow
  11. Diana Trout

Please Note: There is no obligation to play along, we know people are busy with other stuff, so please don’t feel pressured because we tagged you, we just love your blogs and wanted other to see them too.  Pass on the love!

Okay, so I’m not totally sure how the whole “reblogging” thing works out, but this is a really great post here from thoughts on theatre. I ponder my path and how to stay on it all of the time, so this really spoke to me. I hope you enjoy it as well, along with this cool blog!

Thoughts on Theatre

There’s safety in numbers, they say. But you know what you won’t find in numbers? Yourself, the unique you that is all your own. Forging your own path is a tough journey, but it is also something you owe to yourself. Only you know the life that will make you happiest.

Here are a few “life truths” that can help you as you seek out that path:

You will never feel freer than the moment you stop caring what others think about you. We often get so caught up in the idea that everyone cares about what we do with our lives that we forget to live them. In reality? People do not think about all the nitty gritty details of your life like you do – unless you’ve become successful and happy. Then they’ll want the secrets.

Creativity is hard workSometimes inspiration smacks you upside the head out…

View original post 399 more words

Follow Your Bliss Artwork

Earlier I shared with you a post of one of my journal pages, Wake Up Your Mojo.  You can read all about it here.

Edge of canvas

I also have a canvas that I keep hanging near my arting area with the same basic technique.  It does have quite a bit more 3D texture to it as it’s not smashed up in my art journal.

The quote, Follow your bliss, is Joseph Campbell.  I keep this quote around me to help me remember that if I’m following that which makes me supremely energized and happy and at peace, then I must be somewhere on the right path.  I believe that I do get signs of the right path and signs of the wrong path.  I know the right path when my energy flows with positive energy and happiness and light.  I know the wrong path when my energy is blocked, or when everything seems to have impassible difficulties.

I know that all might be a bit hokey for some of y’all…but it is what is.  And that is what’s behind this canvas.

Mixed Media Canvas, 12" x 12" wrapped canvas, modeling paste, acrylic paint, smoochie inks, sumi ink, glitter paint

Snow is Finally Here

It’s been unusual here in Reno this winter so far.  We have only had a tiny little bit of snow. *Sigh*

And then we got weather all weekend long!  Followed up with heavy snow this morning and into the early afternoon!  I love these snowy days, the fluffy, fat snowflakes and the muffled sounds outside ruin my workdays…and I just want to drink hot chocolate and play with the kiddos all day.  And art.  All.  Day.  Long.

Well, I guess that’s not much different than any other day…




Happy New Year…a Bit Late!

Okay, so my previous promise to keep on top of blogging once I finally got started…well, here I am re-committing myself.  And I don’t mean to the looney bin, although some days I wonder, lol!

Things got a bit unusual for us during December.  Along with the usual holiday scramble, and all of the other things that are timed during our holiday season (like birthdays), we had some major life changes grabbing hold.

I lost the little job that I was holding while we got our business back on its feet.  I kind of hated the job, but still, it was a job and a regular paycheck.  I had way higher expectations of that job when I started with it.  After running our own business from home for the last 4 years, taking a job with a time card and a boss and all that goes with that was a bit of a shock for me.  And clearly I didn’t adjust too well, because at the beginning of December I got the proverbial boot.

God has a way of pushing us along when we start stumbling down the wrong path.  He just shakes things up a bit and gets us back on to the path we’re supposed to be travelling.  I learned a long time ago (and keep re-learning I guess) that questioning the details of God’s plan is not my place.  So I keep my head up and keep on smiling and bumbling along.

We have lots of fun and exciting art projects and inspirations all around us.  This year, the year of 2012, is all about continuing to create and learn and share and commune.  We will be working and playing and building.  Our goal is to build up the blog and join the wonderful artists’ community out here.  Our goal is to make lots of art.  And our goal is to build the presence and face of our own art land.

I hope that the start of 2012 for you is as hopeful and bright as is mine.  I hope to get to know you and share thought and inspirations with you as we all travel down our perspective paths.

Happy New Year!  (even if a bit late)…

Christmas Journal

Last year I joined Shimelle Laine at Journal Your Christmas.  Previous students get to joing the class year after year, without class tuition again.

I had a great time with my JYC last year, it was a bit frenzied keeping up with daily prompts throughout December.  The end result was a sweet journal of my family’s first Christmas in Reno.

The big difference this year is that I’m making my Christmas season journal with the flavor of an art journal rather than a scrapbook.  And I’m not going to be frenzied and feel like I have to get all of the daily prompts done on time and in chronological order.  I’m going to use the prompts to inspire pages and sweet Christmas memories and thoughts, but I’m not going to stress about it in any way.

I started with a booklet I got in the mail from a casino or showplace or something in Las Vegas.  The booklet is a big epensive advertisement for a bunch of Vegas shows…they used beautiful and expensive paper with awesome textures and colors.  It’s really a well-done ad…but of course you wont’ see much of that when I’m done with it!

I have prepped the book, gesso-ed all of the pages, leaving only hints of the colors and textures peeking through.

I’m working on my cover now.  I’ll post pics later.

If you haven’t ever thought about journaling your Christmas season, take a look at Shimelle’s class, it’s fun and comes from her heart.