Welcome to SWAAK Paks™, a project near and dear to my Christian artist’s heart!

This project is the culmination of my absolute joy found in the praise of God, years of finding inner peace through the joy of art journaling and crafting, and through the joy of sending and receiving RAAKS, Random Acts of Artsy Kindness.

You’ve all heard of Random Acts of Kindness, right?  Well, RAAKS are the random acts of kindness shared through some kind of artsy love.  That can be as simple as mailing a hand-made card to an unsuspecting someone, or making a decorated rock and leaving it on the sidewalk for someone else to find.

SWAAK Paks™ are a monthly subscription-based mailing, packed full of project instructions and materials (enough to make two, so that everyone has enough to share) and other little sparkly goodies.

The goals of SWAAK Paks™:
1.    To bring joy and sparkle and a bit of art to young ladies and girls.
2.    To build confidence of self-expression, through short, creative projects.
3.    To encourage fellowship and generosity.
4.    To spread the Word and kindness in the world, through Artsy Acts of Kindness.

Examples of monthly projects are: handmade duct-tape journals (with blank covers to decorate and use as journal covers), tee shirt bracelets and necklaces, how-to-draw-a-Mandala kits, and make your own art stamp kits.

And here’s where I need your help.

The goal is to jump start SWAAK Paks™ with our first 50 monthly kits and build the online marketing to expand the regular subscriber base thereby expanding the list of matching kits to less fortunate girls.

We will ultimately continue building the subscriber customer base using our art studio’s Facebook page, our Etsy store, and our art blog, and through our partner, Lamplighters Christian Church.

For each regular subscriber, an additional subscription will be sent to a young lady that would otherwise not have access to a subscription of her own.

We will have a Grand Kick Off Party coming soon, including giveaways, welcome videos, and update parties.  We need help spreading news of the project, through sharing on your facebook pages, blogs, emails, Ning groups, Twitter, any social media outlets you use.  Y’all have more outlets than I even know exist!!

Keep an eye out, we’ll keep you posted 🙂


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