Valentine Card with Caulk and Paint Chips, a Technique Video

Prompt: Have you tried using caulk for texture?  Try caulk in your art journal…These techniques work well on paper, as well as canvas.  And anything can be used as stencils and texturing tools in the caulk.  Try something new!

Time to Make Some Valentine Cards!

Now a soft kiss – Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss.

~ John Keats

What’s a Happy I Love You Day without cards??

I do love to make my own Valentine cards.  I love to play with glitter and hearts and doilies. It’s all girl-like and sweet and lovey-dovey expressive.

It’s early enough in this whole holiday of love to still get your own cards made for your loved ones…your spouse or your secret crush or your bff or your kidlets.  So I’ll share with you where some of my own Valentine card makings have taken me this year (to see what I was doing last year check out this post).

This year, instead of using stationary-type cards for my Valentines, I used paint chips, oh, how I love the paint sample cards!  I know that some of my friends across the sea don’t have available the same cards I have around here, but for those of you here state-side, my personal favorite are the Behr brand paint sample cards.  The size is super-yummy, the edges are already rounded, and the card stock they use is perfect for all of my mixed media abuse.

If you pay attention (sometimes I totally forget to pay any attention, I get so totally distracted the whole time I’m in Home Depot, lol) you can get sample cards with the most awesome paint color names…they actually have some in the pink color family with names like “Pink Bliss” and “Sugar Sweet” and “Be Mine” and “Scented Valentine” and “Dreamy Cloud”.  How do those color names work for Valentine’s??

And you can go with using either side, or both sides, of the cards.  If you use the side with the colors, you can be careful and not cover up the color names so that they peek through in your card.  I tend to use the other side, with the printing, and gesso over it before I do much else.  But I have used both sides on various projects, and both work out great…

I won’t bore you with my play-by-play on what paint or what stamping inks I used, I’ll just share some pics with you and let you go from there.  If you do have any specific questions on anything you see, feel free to leave a comment with your question or drop me a note and I’m happy to fill in the blanks.

I will tell you this: it’s totally addictive, haha!  Christopher wouldn’t let me post the pics of all the Valentine’s I made, he says I didn’t need to put pictures of all my craziness out on the interwebs 🙂  But I had a blast, I had to actually stop myself at some point and get back to other art projects!

And Mom, if you stop by and see the pics, you still have to act surprised when you get your Valentine in the mail!!  (And I love you!!)

Valentine A Valentine B Valentine C Valentine D

Your Valentine Prompt: Get out there and grab some paint chips and make some Valentine cards!  You still have time!  You can even mail them to your own peeps, even if they live with you, the little ones will love to receive mail 🙂


I’m a Winner, a Blog Hop, and Some More of My Latest Obsession, Paint Chip Cards

Goodness, it seems today is a day of all kinds of tidbits!!

First of all, I’m a WINNER!!

I know, I know, seems like with all of my affirmation-style and positive message artsy stuff that maybe I shouldn’t be thinking this is actually news-worthy, but I tell you, this couldn’t have happened at a more serendipitous time, as I’ve been battling some of my own negativities this week.

You may have visited the lovely blog, Campfire Chic, but I have only recently “discovered” Kam’s wonderful and inspiring blog (if you haven’t visited as of yet, be sure to do so, it is chock full of coolness!).  She has monthly sponsors, and for April, one of the sponsors is Indie Chic, a shop of the most feminine and darling flower and other nature jewelry.  And yours truly won a pack of this awesome jewelry!!  My girls are going to totally fight me for the joy of wearing these lovelies, lol.

Thank you so verily much to Kam at Campfire Chic and to Samantha at Indie Chic, you totally made my day week April!!

Next item on the agenda, before we get to pics of my latest obsession, is an upcoming blog hop.  I’ve told you a couple of times (you can check out my first post about the class if you haven’t already) about the online workshop I’ve been taking, The Art of Wild Abandonment.  The class has been one of the most inspiring, exciting, and fun classes I’ve taken as of yet.  Even more inspiring has been the participation of all the others taking the class and the sharing and friendships running around during the class, all shared on our Facebook group (joining Facebook is a whole new gig for me, not just the sketching!).  I have been privy to such much amazing art by lots of amazing people that I never would have met otherwise…

We are having a Blog Hop this Saturday, and you’ll really want to follow along and check out these amazing talents.  We will start at midnight my time here in Reno (holy cow!), which is timed with the start of the blog hop at 8 a.m. British Standard Time…I did have to look that up on the interwebs!  You can jump over here, I will have my post up, and I will give you the before and after landing spots.  I will also show you where to go if you want to start at the beginning of the whole shindig.  It’s a great way to make some discoveries of your own in the art blogosphere.

Now for the Paint Chip Cards!

Okay, last order of business, I have been creating some more of these little artworks on the paint chip sample cards.  Can’t seem to get enough of them!  Along with my other regular projects, I have been so inspired by my recent joining of a RAAK group (Random Acts of Art Kindness).  The thrill of making something and sending to someone on the list that I’ve never met, that has never met me, oh, I am just so excited to send a little card in the mail to them!  I haven’t had penpals since grade school!  This has been the most fun, and way more of an inspiration than I ever imagined it would be (how many times can you talk about inspiration in one blog post??)!

So here’s a peek at my latest cards:

Prompt: Have you ever executed a RAAK?  You know, it doesn’t have to be in a formalized membership group, you can commit an act of art kindness anytime, anywhere!  Make something lovely, something you like, and send it to someone…in the MAIL!!  We so often use texting, phone calls, twitter, Facebook, etc. that we forget how much fun it is to get something in the mail!  Or leave a surprise piece of artsy goodness on a table somewhere to a stranger!  It feels great!  Spread the artsy love 🙂

A Look at an Awesome Set of Paint Chip Projects!

I saw an awesome posting back in the summer on Blue Velvet Chair, a blog about cool re-purposed and recycled DIY decorating projects.

And I do love the paint chips…although I still giggle every time I call them that, lol.

Seriously, though, this post is a way cool collection of projects using those paint chips.  And it’s pretty fitting after this week.  While I don’t do a whole lot of using my blogging time to focus on another blog (I feel like that’s cheating you somehow), this fits right in with the whole paint chip thing this week…and it’s just so neat!!

I hope you enjoy, and have as much fun looking through these as I did…and enjoy Blue Velvet Chair!

DIY Paint Chip Projects

Another Paint Color Sample Card Idea

I dance to the song of the Universe.  It may look a little bit odd, but only to those who don’t hear the music.

~ Christopher St John

My favorite styles/sizes

Here is another neat-o idea for some of those paint color sample cards you have stashed. I am including a pic of an unused paint color card for my friend Jo over in the UK, as she tells me that she is unsure if they have these over there.  Jo, hopefully seeing one in its natural form will help you figure out what else is comparable!  On a side note, I’ve always wondered why it is that so many people call these “paint chips”, as it seems paint chips refers to actual flakes of actual paint…hmm…

When I first started really exploring art journaling, I spent lots of time poking around blogs and videos looking at background ideas.  I got really really good at backgrounds…it took a while before I started even considering what goes on top of the background…what do you call that?  Oh, yeah, the foreground!

I fought the fear for quite some time.  So I just played, creating lots of lovely backgrounds, waiting in my journals and on my papers, waiting for me to decide if they would ever see any more action.

Christopher, on the other hand, hasn’t had that same battle with the fear.  And we love collaborative works…which totally works out for us.  He can see something in backgrounds that I make, even when I don’t.  If I give up on what comes next on a background, he’ll see something in them and get to work on a foreground.  Over time, that has actually helped me see more in my own work, and I have learned to see thing myself.  But I still love when he adds to works that I’ve started…

This particular work is one of those collaborative projects.

I started with a piece of cardboard cut out of a box.  I glued down the paint color sample cards, and then started adding paint with a brayer.  I smeared a color on with the brayer, and then wiped off some of the paint.  After the paint dried, I’d do it again, sometimes with the same color, sometimes with another color.  Little bit by little bit, I build up color where I wanted it.  I did work on keeping some of the color names and some of the lines between the colors on the card peeking through (like artsynaturenut does in some of her art journaling).  On the top layers of color I added Neocolors to grunge it up a bit.

After all of the colors were dried and set, I hit the background with sandpaper.  That basically grunged it up some more, and that also “blended” the whole color scheme together, sort of tying it all in together.

I did add some textured stamping and some color added with bottle caps for an additional layer of texture.

Prompt: What else fun can you do with paint chips?  I have seen huge blog postings around on the internet with fun ideas for these little cards.  Take yourself on a date to the hardware store and pick some of these little cards up!  Try to get out of your color comfort zone.  Make a cool background with some.

Cards on Paint Color Samples

Joy is but the sign that creative emotion is fulfilling its purpose.

~ Charles du Bois

I think I’ve been avoiding my latest canvas…I know what comes next, but I’m battling in my mind over exactly how I’m going to do it.  So I’ve been doing lots of small projects, keeping my hands busy and my mind pretending to not think about the canvas.

I’m one of those gals that collects paint color sample cards anytime I’m anywhere that has them.  We do use a lot of paint, including for Christopher’s paint jobs.  He does beautiful custom faux paint creations in the homes of his followers.  He does extremely artistic work, and he always warns his customers they are hiring an artist, not a commercial painter…which is really important, he takes way longer than a commercial painter would take, lol.

I dig around in the stash of paint sample cards pretty often, making little love notes for the kidlets’ lunches and that sort of thing.

This batch of little cards is on some of those paint sample cards.  I just gesso’d over the back side of the cards and then did my artwork.  I’ve left the paint color side of the card, I think it’s cool that way…and the cards make the perfect little canvases, it’s a great weight of paper.  I’ve used Behr samples for this set.  The corners are already nice and rounded, and they are the perfect size for stuffing in an envelope to mail out to some of my artsy friends.

Prompt: Dig out some of those paint sample cards you’ve been wondering what to do with!  Make some miniature art, spruce them up!  Glue paper scraps of bits of ephemera to them, paint them, write poems on them!  It doesn’t have to be super-ornate or too time-involved.  Then mail them out…mail them to your mom or to someone in the military.  Get them out to someone and brighten their day 🙂  Isn’t that much of what our art is about??

Affirmation Card Set

Self-suggestion makes you master of yourself.

~ W. Clement Stone

One of the blogs that I like to visit fairly regularly is Gauche Alchemy.  It’s a crafty blog, with creative gals that post projects from their own crafty worlds.  So you get a good mix of different styles and ways of explaining their projects.

A recent post there, Affirmation Inspiration Strikes, ended up taking all of my weekend art time.  I dropped all other projects cuz I just HAD to make myself one of these little rings of affirmation cards!

It’s funny, my girls were pondering the little cards right along with me.  I had to cut out some circles for them to decorate as well.  Even Christopher got involved…he worked on finding me the ring to put the cards on and also did all the spraying of the finished cards with polyurethane so that they had a nice shiny top coat.

The project also sparked a weekend full of philosophical conversations (we do have those a lot, but this was several all in one weekend!)…and it helped us build up a bunch of inspirational and motivational energy for the week ahead.

I do collect my affirmations in piles of little notes and sticky notes and journals…all around the place.  I stick them to my bathroom mirror and to the sun shade in my car.  Now I have them collected with some of my favorite colors and background techniques and all artful.  And I can carry them with me!  As I used a ring that I can open and close, I can also add to the ring when I’m working on a new affirmation or mantra…and I have extra circles cut so that when I want to play but don’t have anything particular artsy in mind, I can make more affirmation cards.  Fun fun!!

Who knew?  Sometimes I get inspired by posts I see, and they take me way off the path I was bee-bopping down.  Quite often those end up being the most healing of activities.

You can check out the project over at Gauche Alchemy…the only difference, really, in my little set of cards, is that I did not want to have to cut out all of those rectangles!  So I used my large circle punch and watercolor paper.  I also glued two finished circles together, making the finished card really thick and really strong.

Kudos to Jo for this awesome project!!

Prompts: Do you use positive affirmation (if not, maybe look into it)?  Make a journal page around one of your regular affirmations.  Or if you have many of them, like I do, make yourself a card set, one that pleases you to look at it and fondle it…you’ll more likely focus on them that way 🙂

Valentine Love

Well, I am definitely a girl.  I love sparklies, glitter, flowers, hearts, VALENTINE’S DAY!!!

Neocolors, acrylic paint, embossing powder, ink, old book paper

In our family, we celebrate how much we love each other every single day.  No one day is better than another for a celebration…but still we love Valentine’s Day.  We call it I Love You Day here in our home.  Comes from an old Winnie the Pooh series, Tigger and Pooh.  They have I Love You Day and Roo spends the episode working on a Happy I Love You Day lovie for his mama, Kanga.

My little ones took it to heart, so to speak.

So every year we make decorations and plan for a party and have a lovely dinner.  We make the table beautiful and eat yummy stuff and have something wonderful for dessert.  I make cards for my peeps and it’s super sweet and special.

Neocolors, acrylic paint, embossing powder, inks

Do you make your own Valentine cards?

I have been working on some cards this year already; I actually started early, which is a milestone in itself.  I love checking out the interwebs on ideas for Valentines and decorations and yummy recipes.  And I gotta add glitter to as much as I can 🙂

Still working on ideas for the menu, and still working on cute lovies to stick in lunch bags for the school lunches…but that’s the most fun, planning it all out!  I’d love to see what you do to decorate or celebrate Happy I Love You Day!!

Neocolors, acrylic paint, embossing powder, ink