Valentine Card with Caulk and Paint Chips, a Technique Video

Prompt: Have you tried using caulk for texture?  Try caulk in your art journal…These techniques work well on paper, as well as canvas.  And anything can be used as stencils and texturing tools in the caulk.  Try something new!

Always Be Courting, a Caulk Canvas and Technique Video

Oh, my gosh!  I missed a Valentine post yesterday!  The shame…but I may have an okay excuse, I was helping the teenager with finishing up his science fair project.  Which of course was due today.

I don’t think I ever got a science fair project completed earlier than the night before, either.  And I’m pretty sure my parents would say they were always up late the night before with me, griping that I waited till the last minute to get it done.  Ha!  I did turn into my parents!

I must say, though, that I had no idea that you could measure the speed of light at home using a microwave and a bag of chocolate chips.

So here we are on Friday, the Friday before Valentine’s Day.  You still have the weekend to ponder prepping your love notes and making lovey-dovey projects for your heart-throb.

I am using the heart-theme to its full advantage 🙂

Always Be Courting

This canvas and video is one of my very favorite techniques.  It started a while back when Christopher saw that I was fighting the whole texture problem.  I would spend so much time adding layers, 2-D layers, of visual interest…which resulted in the look of texture, but not so much in actual tactile texture.  While a lot of art journaling techniques are all about adding the visual kind of texture, I was looking for tactile texture.  Something you can reach out and touch.  Something different, something that added serious dimension to my works.

Along came Christopher with a pile of tubes of caulk.  Ahhh, my texturing life got really exciting from there!  You can see one of my very first works using the caulk here (which is still one of my favorites, probably because of the emotional tie I have to it as my first caulk canvas, lol).

This video does NOT go into detail on painting the caulk texture.  It is a look into working the caulk, both on the background and on the foreground.  Color will come later.

And…this is my first appearance on video, for the intro.  You will see, I was extremely nervous, feeling super bashful, and clearly aware of the camera.  I am hoping with practice and time it will feel more natural.  So be nice.

Without further ado, here ya go.

Home, Sweet Love Song

Home is wherever I’m with you.

~ Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, “Home”

Music, ahhhhh, how it sets the ambiance.

Do you and your honey have a song?  One of those little ditties that always makes you smile and think of each of other?

How ’bout one of those songs that gets you both to looking all dopey at each other across the room, making your kidlets all groan and roll their eyes at you both?  Oh, wait, that’s my house and my kidlets, lol.

We have a bunch of faves around here, you can see a list of some of the greatest love songs of all time, or at least the ones I love over here.

And here’s one that still always gets us all goofy.  On a side note, it’s such an upbeat song, with such a great beat, that the kids love to play this one on AudioSurf…even the teen-aged boy!!

Enjoy.  And pretty please, let me know any super-cool love songs I should check out and add to my list 🙂

NeoColor Background Technique Video

Okay, so I know the two posts are a wee little bit separated, but here’s a video follow-up to my earlier post on using NeoColor Water Soluble Wax Pastels (I call them water crayons, lol).  This is a simple and quick way to put together a background in your art journal, and it helps you get past the whole fighting-the-white-page-in-front-of-me thing…

Enjoy, and please let me know what you think.  I’m hoping the videos get better and better as we plod along!


How-to Make a Faux Wood Grain, Our First Technique Video!

Drum roll, please…

Here it is…Our very first technique video (crowd goes wild)!!

I know, I know, took a long time in coming, and the video was way more intensive the technique itself, so no worries for you 🙂

Let me know what you think, we kept it simple this first time around, and as Christopher is the techie nerd in the house, he gets to hold the magic spot of the first one…so be sure to leave him some props here in the comments section, so that he’ll keep editing the videos for me!

Happy Freakin’ Friday! Now This is Ha-Ha Funny!

Here’s an oldie-but-goodie, I was just waiting for the day when I’d have a blog so I could share this video!  The really funny thing, the first time I saw this video, I did not know what song the parody was modeling, I had never head the Timberlake “version”, heehee.